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At this point in time, the City of Vincent is not offering online Building and JDAP Application Lodgement. Please contact Planning to arrange a JDAP lodgement on (08) 9273 6000.

When completing your online lodgement there are mandatory documents that are required to be submitted with an application to allow a complete assessment to be undertaken. Where necessary information has not been submitted the application will be considered incomplete and will not be lodged.

If you require information on the application process or required documentation to submit with an application please contact the City of Vincent team prior to proceeding.

If you are a returning Customer on multiple occasions, please get in touch with the City of Vincent on obtaining a portal login. This will enable the Applicant details to be pre-filled during lodgement ensuring a much quicker experience.

Lodge Planning Application

  1. Prior to lodging an application it is suggested you review Local Planning Scheme No. 2 and the Residential Design Codes of WA as well as the City's Policies as they may contain information that affects your proposal. It is also recommended that a Planning Application Checklist be downloaded and completed prior to lodgement of your application. A copy of the Planning Application Checklist is available here. Please visit the City of Vincent website at City of Vincent Planning or contact Statutory Planning on (08) 9273 6000 should you have any specific enquiries.

  2. To determine the application fee please refer to Planning Fees and Charges which can be viewed at the City of Vincent website or at the City's Administration & Civic Centre. Alternatively, please contact the City on (08) 9273 6000

  3. In addition to obtaining a Planning Approval, and depending on the nature of your proposal, further approvals including Health, Building or Engineering approvals may also be required from other Council Service Areas, or other authorities.

  4. Where relevant a Development Application MUST be approved prior to the lodgement of the Building Permit Application.

  5. Please note that all fees will be required to be paid upfront to complete the lodgement of your Application.